Tenable helps users to understand and reduce cyber risk. It is also known as the creator of the vulnerability scanning software Nessus. The following products and projects are those I had been delighted to lead or work on since joining Tenable between 2019 to 2021.

Tenable Design System & Platform

Tenable’s portfolio of products are built based on Tenable Design System. Tenable Design System already had a foundation and component set providing Tenable developers and designers initiative building blocks for product development. As I took ownership as the UX lead for the design system, I evolved the system by developing Patterns, reusable combinations of components that solve common user problems. I began with conducting user research, synthesizing user journey, and documenting and testing Patterns. These solutions helped our users to achieve their goals and helped to ensure consistency across experiences. 

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Tenable.io Redesign

Over multiple user research efforts, it came to our attention that our users spent excessive time on their daily workflows due to the complex experiences with our UI templates. Our research data successfully conveyed to our stakeholders the need for Tenable.io UI Redesign. With the support of senior leadership, we kicked off a large-scale UI Redesign effort impacting multiple products across the portfolio and launched within months of time. 

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Tenable.io Transformation

Requested by CTO, I joined a small workgroup responsible for creating a vision of the future transformation of Tenable.io. In the future of cyber exposure, how might we continuously position ourselves with the most compelling story to fulfill the needs of our customers? I collaborated with the Chief Data Architect, VP of Product, VP of Engineering, and several other executives. Within 2.5 weeks, I created a 3-year product & design strategy based on customer research and presented it to executive stakeholders.

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