I have seen friends been to scuba diving and came back with beautiful pictures. When it was our time for a trip to Oahu, Hawaii, I signed myself and my husband Kelvin up for first-time scuba diving tour.

The instructor gave us a mini brief on all the gears and equipments required for diving. Next thing I knew, we were already on the boat at our diving spot.

“Jump! Remember it’s just a mental game!” said our instructor.

Kelvin had already gone under water; I was still hanging on the side of the boat, so scared that I couldn’t breathe normally.

“Do you want to go? Or do you want to go back up onto the boat?”

I was very scared. Partially it was because I lied about knowing how to swim. When the wave came at me, I just panicked. I didn’t know what to do.

“I want to hang out here for a while.” I hang on tight on the ladder at the back side of the boat while everyone else had fun at the bottom of the water.

Boat caption, who was a Japanese American in his 50s, was kind enough to sit with me.

“What are you afraid of? Scuba diving is safe and easy. Sky diving is dangerous. You can die easily with sky diving.”

Kelvin and I had been to sky diving back in the days. It was a piece of cake to me. I knew I could do this.

“Just inhale, and exhale.” Demonstrated by boat caption.

For 20 minutes, I sticked my head in the water and practiced breathing. I finally got it.

It was time when everyone headed back to the boat. After taken care of them getting back onto the boat, instructor turned to me, “are you ready?”

I nodded.

I finally let go of that dear ladder and slowly sank into the seabed. It was not as bad as I thought. I spent the remaining 5 minutes with sea turtles and fishes swimming around me, and dolphins were circling around as I made my way back onto the boat.


I was glad that I tried. If I gave up early on, I wouldn’t have all these wonderful memories carried with me.