As a new mom, one thing I spent a lot of time doing with my baby beside feeding and putting her to sleep is: changing diapers and those dirty baby clothes. What I learned is that all those product advertising and Pinterest posts regarding beautiful baby nursery were helpless to me. After spending months in sleep-deprived mode, it is evident that the changing area in your baby’s nursery is about getting the job done fast, safe, and minimal mess if all possible.

How do I help my everyday task a better experience through design? These are several things of my solution I would like to highlight:

  • Almost everyone I know use those cushioned changing pad with soft fabric cover. Accidents do happen occasionally especially when baby is a newborn. With fabric and cushioned changing pad, that’s additional clean-up and laundry work. I chose this plastic changing pad, so I could just quickly wipe down any mess in less than a minute. Done.
  • Diaper change is a boring activity to babies. Your plain ceiling is not enough to entertain them. I keep a toy hanging down near my baby’s face, so she can be still while I get the job done.
  • Those little hands and body are so fast in action. I keep things that are not safe for baby to play with away from the changing pad (light, ointments, medicines, etc.) and allow some safe items to be closer (cloth diaper, cream, etc.).
  • Diapers smell. Obviously. There are so many diaper pails out there advertised that they can get rid of the smell. They are expensive and waste of space. More practical solution is keep your trash small with lid and take out the trash every other day. Place the trash can conveniently closer to your workspace. No chance to leave trash around the table for baby to put in the mouth or to step on (Oh yes, you don’t want that to happen).
  • This whole area of changing station is actually on top of a large sturdy dresser. Fresh clean clothes are just right there.

To illustrate these better, here is a picture of my baby’s changing area: