Yesterday I was at an Intel-sponsored event where they had booths demonstrating their newest and finest wearable technologies. As I walked by, a baby doll in a carseat buckled down with a blue plastic object caught my attention.

I was told this is a device that can sync with your smart phone and tell whether your child is inside the car or not. I puzzled, so I asked more. What were the use cases they were trying to tackle with this invention? Was it for security purpose? Thinking about child abduction.

Credit: iQ by Intel

The main use case this device is marketed on is to prevent child hot car deaths. It is priced around $100 and estimated to be out in the market by end of the year.

It is wonderful for Intel to spend the time and resources to research, develop, and market something that is trying to solve a concerning issue in the society.

What I was worried on is our crazy lifestyle as working parents overwhelmed so much, enough that someone decided to invent something to try to solve the problem. We are so busy being connected and occupied. Even after a car ride, we need our smart phone to remind us that we left our child in the car? Or we need things to tell us the temperature of our child. The entire picture in my mind is just so sad.

So I asked some mommies around and see who would find this $100 device helpful and important for their family.

Some honest responses was that it would be nice if Intel could work with car seat manufacturers to incorporate the chip within the car seat. These mommies believe that families who are willing to pay the extra bucks are less likley the people who would leave their babies in the car.