Student-centered learning: Supporting K-12 personalized learning with technology

Student-centered learning: Supporting K-12 personalized learning with technology

Ethnographic Research & Concept Design for K-12 student-centered learning in the United States

Final research project for Master of Art, Design Management


Today’s educational institutions are in need of radical changes in order to educate a future workforce that can keep up with the changing world. By utilizing design management methods, this study aims to provide opportunities to create a technological framework and/or tool that supports the shift to a personalized and student-centric K-12 learning environment.

The focus of this project is to discover how design management methods can be applied to design and develop new technology solution optimizing student-centered learning for K-12 learners.

Oboto: Design Solution

A secured, integrated enterprise learning software-as-a-service (LSaaS) for K-12 learning, offering a comprehensive and highly automated platform for anyone to execute student-centered learning anywhere, anytime. Experiences include:

  • Free and affordable services
  • Access anywhere, cancel anytime
  • Simple subscription and easy on-boarding process
  • Quality content accessible from digital marketplace
  • Easy management platform
  • Peer-to-peer professional development

Final Report: Research, Analysis, Opportunities, Design Concepts