The following products and projects are those I had been delighted to lead or work on since joining Roche, Diagnostic Information Solutions in 2018.

NAVIFY™ Visual Style Guide

Since Spring 2018, I had been leading the effort of NAVIFY Visual Style Guide. My role involved leading the design and production of the style guide and Sketch Library that are provided to designers across NAVIFY affiliates.

The goal of the NAVIFY Visual Style Guide is to provide guidelines to organizational affiliates in the design of NAVIFY software products by leveraging the NAVIFY look and feel in order to create consistent and harmonious experiences for our users. These guidelines aim to enable a more efficient workflow and allow teams to focus on product-specific design and innovation.

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NAVIFY Tumor Board® solutions

Part of my role with Roche Diagnostic Information Solutions (2018–present), I led the user experience design of NAVIFY Tumor Board solutions, a cloud-based workflow product that securely integrates and displays relevant aggregated data into a single, holistic patient dashboard for oncology care teams to review, align and decide on the optimal treatment for the patient. Learn more on here.

Our team worked directly with multidisciplinary teams (oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, nurse navigators) to research and develop experiences which streamlined tumor board preparation and presentation to facilitate collaboration and support in making personalized treatment decisions in the world of cancer.

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