Dell Wyse Management Suite Installer & OOBE Design

As the UX lead, I am responsible for facilitate requirement gathering discussion, designing the flow and interaction, and aligning the visual language.


Dell Wyse Management Suite is a powerful, secure and highly scalable solution for managing and optimizing Wyse endpoints, offered both cloud and on-prem options. It is the successor of two enterprise management software: Dell Wyse Device Manager (on-prem) and Dell Cloud Client Manager (cloud). One of the goals of the first release is to allow customers from both legacy products to install as well as to provide a guided path to set up the new software.

Success was measured by delivering a user-centric flow and design for install wizard and OOBE (Get started). The success of these deliverables would be evaluated by feedback from customers and Wyse Sales team.


One of the major challenge of this project was the short amount of time given for development. The engineering team engaged with UX for a list of required items critical to initial release. Many technical requirements were not clear yet. UX did not have any documents outlining the technical requirement to get started with. 

In order to gather requirements in a more efficient way, I hosted several brainstorming meetings involving engineering and product management. The first meeting I presented a flow and UI for Wyse Device Manager’s installation and get started wizard to get the discussion started. Many hidden requirements emerged from the process. The design was iterated and presented several more rounds before it was locked and finalized.