Coffee Pass – Concept Design

Concept Design 

Project for Master of Art, Design Management


Based on research findings from Coffee Revolution, a concept design proposal is concluded as the result of the research.

Research Finding

The design and system challenges that had to be taken into account were as follows:


  • Fulfills the desire to have coffee conveniently.
  • Focuses on coffee consumption in the workplace and uncover any business-to-business (B2B) opportunities.
  • Targets to Millennials and the movement of the Third Wave of
  • Coffee, where artisan and specialty coffee are appreciated.
  • Allows consumers to build meaningful relationship with others.


  • Caters to personalization and customization. Price of coffee, taste, and the brand are important influencing factors to choose one over another.
  • Understands the usage pattern of having first cup at home in the morning, while the second or third cup at work.
  • Leverages technology that allows coffee drinkers to get coffee fast and conveniently.

Design Goals

Based on the research result, the design solution needs to be:

  • Millennials-friendly
  • Trendy
  • Quality product
  • Convenience

Design Solution

With workforce being more mobile, employees have the need to bring their coffee with them wherever their work bring them to. They may not able to be at office when they need coffee. Instead of investing into a more expensive coffee system at work place, company can partner with the favorite coffee brand among the employees and offer Coffee Pass. With the Coffee Pass, company can offer their employees the coffee perks without having them restricted in the office. Flexible workplace and mobility are saving company’s time and money. Customers do not even need to bring their wallet with them. Coffee, food, and tip can be all paid in one place, digitally.

Value Proposition

Unlike Starbucks Reward Program or CUPS Apps Subscription, our Coffee Pass impresses our employees who wish to have coffee perks on-the-go by providing coffee requiring presence in the office and allowing personalized barista experience.

Presentation of Design Solution